Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mother's Day

I am exhausted. What a Mother's Day!!! It was definitely NOT typical and it was beyond joyful. I usually hope for breakfast in bed. It is "fun" to hear Mike and the kids trying to pull it all off. I live with 4 leaders of all different ages. Watching them all delegate to each other can be .....chaotic...??....!!!

I was up very early though. And took my post at church for all three of our Sunday services. A few weeks ago I was asked to help out with a "top secret" event planned at Elevation Church. The event pretty much can be summed up by this scripture.

So in stroll these wonderful unsuspecting people, many dressed in their Mother's Day best and they were given an opportunity to outwardly display their faith in Christ. 209 responded!! TWO HUNDRED AND NINE!!! This was not announced in advance either!! All the details were taken care of. Clothes, hair dryers, towels, flip flops, shampoo, gel...etc.

It was awesome! Tears of joy, cheering, applause...INCREDIBLE!!!

My kids were great and adjusted well to the change in our Mother's Day routine. I told them I will be very happy next weekend to eat my breakfast in bed and any other weekend they'd like to do it!!!! We ate lunch at IHOP (I let the kids pick) and I got my much desired nap. The day was topped off with a poem Sydney wrote for me:

My Mom Lisa
Mom of wishes
Who needs a vacation
Who loves Jesus
Who sees my future
Who wonders of being a speaker
Who dreams of being on a cruise
Who gives love to everyone
Who wishes of getting another rottweiler
Loved by Sydney

This brought me to tears. My daughter KNOWS I have hopes and prayers for her future. She KNOWS I love Jesus. She sees me giving love to people even if getting breakfast in bed seemed more relaxing. I was overjoyed to see God draw 209 to be baptized. I was blown away when it looked like there was no way we would have the right amount of a certain size clothes."Somehow" God multiplied them and there was "just the right amount".(We stood in awe in the changing room...speechless...NO JOKE).

It was this poem though that touched me the most. My kids are seeing what is really important. As I follow Jesus I will be equipped to be the best mom I can be. Knowing that makes it a VERY Happy Mother's Day!

Syndey, Samantha and Matthew, mommy LOVES you and I thank God for you!!!

Now about that vacation......