Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where Have I Been?

That is a good question. Right now God is teaching me, revealing to me, speaking to me about hearing His voice. You know you can;t hear much of anything when you are too busy to slow down and be still.

That being said I am going to do just that. I'm carving out more precious time w/ HIM. You see I am juggling being a good wife, mother, employee, women's ministry leader, but without being a good child of God I can't be good at any of the above. Now I know God's grace covers my faults and HE loves me unconditionally. What I am saying though is that I won't be a "fruit bearing Jesus follower" if I continue trying to strive on my own.

I need continuous filling and I love constant communication. John 14 clearly states: 5"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

I am making a choice right now. Its obvious that I have not blogged in weeks so I am sure me taking a hiatus won't be a big shock. I know to keep a blog audience I should regularly blog. I risk losing the 2 of you who check in on this. Why? Because God is calling me and I don't want to keep Him waiting. I am setting some boundaries and looking forward to returning with a renewed revelation and spiritual strength!

Thanks for understanding!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well today officially ends "BIRTHWEEK '08". I will say it started off MUCH better than it is ending BUT I am thankful for the week. I did get to hit all 3 of my favorite sushi restaurants in one week. That is a first. It started w/ Jade, then Sushi 101 and we finished off last night with Ru Sans. Delicious!!!

I have been under fire ALOT this week with emotions and struggles in our little family. I am frustrated and asking God, (after thanking Him for all He IS doing), why He is taking so long on certain areas.

I am THANKFUL that God has given me divinely appointed prayer partners and spiritual mentors. How great it was Friday morning when my phone rang and I answered with not a "hello" but, "who told you I was grumpy"? My armor bearer in MI replied, "God did". To have people in your life so spiritually in tune is something to be thankful for.

So Father even though my circumstances are testing my faith, I ask forgiveness that I have not extended your grace to certain people. I thank you that your promises to me are true. Increase my faith and help me rest in YOU while I wait.