Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lord Will Fight For You.....

The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.
Exodus 14:14

What am I going to do? How will this ever resolve itself? I just can’t see any way through this? Hopeless, yep, just hopeless.

How often do we find ourselves blinded by the circumstances we are in? Isn’t it interesting that when we are in the midst of a challenge or trial our view gets clouded or distorted? It isn’t until after the “storm passes” or someone comes to our aid to reveal another perspective. Some of us never see another side to a situation, even after the challenge is over.

Many of us women are control freaks by nature. Now you may disagree. You may think that your spouse has more control if you are a milder personality. You may think that you hide your control. You may be proud of your control. The need to control is in our nature. Instinctively when there is a problem we, as women, wives, mothers, friends immediately begin to think, “What do I do now?” “Do something….it won’t get fixed unless I DO something”.

In marriage the challenge is there, no doubt about it. Two personalities living under one roof there is bound to be a tug of war over some issues.
Finances & child rearing are major examples, yet even how the garbage is taken out can grate on nerves over time. How do we get past this “trait” of ours in order for more peace and joy in our lives?

We need to focus on letting God fight our battles, let God be in control. Sometimes waiting on HIM is hard, but it is well worth the wait.
When I was trying to “fight” for things in my marriage, to be “heard”, things got worse. How could this be? Logically if I made my desires known and they were in the best interest of our family, my husband would agree. Little did I know the manner in which I went about this was wrong. By surrendering to God and His commands for marriage, being silent at times I would have fought, God stepped in. He fought the battle of our hearts. God changed our marriage when I got out of HIS way.
I did not sit and do nothing. My respectful behavior was a challenge. It took a lot of energy to bite my tongue and cease complaining. But in that “stillness” of my mouth, my tone, my facial expressions and my impatience God fought for my marriage. The result should not surprise you, He won!