Monday, February 22, 2010

Walking In Divine Health Part 2

Have you ever felt like this guy? I know I have. I hope that meditating on the verses in Part 1 have given you a new revelation to the power that is available to us. I was standing next to a friend the other night who was definitely looking like the guy in this picture. I was so excited to share what my current blog series was on!! I encouraged him to speak the Word out loud and I prayed for him too.

I admit I got the "yeah that sounds good but I feel like garbage" look. Then another friend came into the room and announced "hey Lisa thanks for praying for me the other day! I feel GREAT!" I responded with "God is so good! Did you speak those scriptures out loud?" "I sure did" replied my second friend. I was so excited and said "Tell him...tell him" referring to sick friend #1. The power of testimony. How fun is God!

When you feel the "ick" coming on you have a choice to make. You can say "OH NO I am getting sick, I feel terrible, this will ruin my week. It will take me forever to get over it and then my family will get it" ....and on and on.

OR you can say "I will not get sick in Jesus' name. No weapons forged against me shall prosper! No sickness or disease can touch my body. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me!" My Father is Jehovah Raffa the Lord who heals! By Jesus' stripes I am healed! He healed all my diseases...." you get the picture.

Now I hate pain and discomfort so at the first sign of any hint of an attack of the "yuck" I have been known to take medicine. Does that mean I don't have faith? Maybe to some. I just take it and continue to speak the promises of God out loud often. Within a very short time either minutes, hours or 1 day I have NO symptoms. NONE. It's been that way for 2 years. PRAISE GOD!

It is amazing to see how my kids are picking this up. Samantha's stomach was really hurting her the other night. As she was grabbing the porcelain, one of her parents was saying "are you going to be sick? I think you ARE going to be sick!" She looked at the other parent and said "pray for me and I will speak the scriptures in my head". That's my girl! The tummy bug left without her getting sick. She was in perfect health all day. God is faithful.

Now again my disclaimer: This is what happens with me. I love to share it just as if it were a great recipe for chicken noodle soup! I do think this method is better than any hand santizer out there. And you never have to worry about running out of it!!

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